Center-Based ABA Therapy

The Olive Branch Autism Center is an experienced and reliable provider of center-based ABA therapy.

At The Olive Branch Autism Center, we provide intensive ABA center-based services for clients with autism and related disabilities.

Our center-based services are administered by Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and trained Behavior Technicians (BTs) with one-on-one sessions under the supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The Olive Branch’s center-based services also include training and collaboration with parents, families, caregivers, and support professionals to aid in generalization into multiple environments.

Our center is specifically designed to support ABA therapy the Olive Branch way providing structured learning as well as unstructured natural environment learning. Our unique mentally stimulating environment offers a multitude of preferred activities for all ages which function as reinforcement for desired behavior. This will ultimately translate to the increased frequency of desired behavior and the reduction of maladaptive behavior.

Our center includes:

Grocery Store
Art Room
Sensory Room
Ball Pit
Arcade & Gameroom
Computer Lab
Reading/Library Room
Pretend/Imaginary Playrooms
Gaming Systems

Center-based therapy is not limited to the clinical setting

  • Weekly outings and activities with support staff
  • In-home assistance with daily routines
  • Transition assistance (starting school, relocation, routine/schedule changes, changes in family dynamics, etc.)
  • Sibling nights
  • When behavior impedes academics

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