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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

ABA Therapy – The Olive Branch Way

The Olive Branch Autism Clinic provides the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to individuals with Autism and other related disabilities. At The Olive Branch Autism Clinic, a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) creates a custom therapy program based on new, existing, and emerging skills, deficits, and struggles, based on the input from caregivers.

ABA Therapy

Build, Acquire and Practice Skills

At The Olive Branch, the client will always work one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) or trained Behavior Technician (BT) and their therapy will be overseen by a BCBA. The individual’s day will be structured to provide planned and naturally occurring learning opportunities, allowing the client to acquire and practice skills in both structured and unstructured environments. This will ultimately allow them to apply these skills that they learned into the home, center, community and school setting.

Additionally, the client will receive positive reinforcement for demonstrating socially acceptable behavior, which increases positive social interactions, and creating enjoyable learning for the client.

Parents, family members and caregivers are also offered training to allow them to support their client at home, and in the community.

Center-Based ABA

The Olive Branch Autism Center is an experienced and reliable provider of center-based ABA therapy.

Our center is specifically designed to support ABA therapy the Olive Branch way providing structured learning as well as unstructured natural environment learning. Our unique mentally stimulating environment offers a multitude of preferred activities for all ages which function as reinforcement for desired behavior.

In-Home ABA

The Olive Branch offers in-home services by Board Certified Behavior Analyst Registered Behavior Technicians and Behavioral Technicians with one-on-one sessions.

Each behavior plan is unique and individualized! Individuals with disabilities can have difficulties with daily routine in the home.

The Olive Branch can also facilitate a hybrid program consisting of both in-home and center-based therapy programs.

Early Intervention Support

Here at The Olive Branch, we are proud and thrilled to offer an academic support program for our school-aged clients.

We give the student the tools necessary to integrate into the general classroom while furthering their academic achievements.

Our support program offers:

  • Individualized Curriculum
  • Certified Teacher and RBT
  • One-on-One Therapy


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